We want to get married, but don't know where to start. Can you help us?

We LOVE working with clients who know nothing about wedding planning - that is what we are here for! Let's start scheduling a phone call, during which we will answer all of your initial questions and determine if we are a good fit to work together.

How do the roles of Planner and Coordinator differ?

A wedding planner is all about the logistics! From vendor referrals to contract negotiations to the execution of your perfect day, Planners are professionally trained with either a certification or a degree in planning or management. 

Wedding Coordinators are your "go-to" people on the day of your wedding or special occasion. They will have received specific instructions from the planner of what they have to do, and while the Planner may be onsite the day of, the coordinator will be in charge. 

Do I need a Coordinator, a Planner, or both?

The easiest way to determine whether a Planner or Coordinator would be a better fit would be to reach out to us; we will happily discuss the options with you.

How far in advance should we hire you?

We have worked with clients for 2 years prior to their wedding, and also 3 weeks prior. To ensure our availability on your wedding date, we suggest hiring us as sooner rather than later.

Do you book travel for Destination Weddings or Honeymoons?

We absolutely do! With over 8 years in the travel industry, we are well versed in group travel for leisure or weddings, and more intimate vacations as well. 

I have already hired some vendors; may we still use them?

We will always recommend our most trustworthy vendors, however if you have a specific photographer, an officiant or another vendor that you prefer, it is our pleasure to work with them. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely! We understand that weddings can be expensive, and not everyone can pay everything all at once. We require an initial payment and accepted Agreement to book and secure your date, and following that, payment can be made at pre-determined intervals with the final payment due no less than 30 days propr to the wedding date. 

Will you attend my rehearsal?

Wedding Planners and Coordinators will attend rehearsals for all of our clients, however we do ask for understanding that this is based on availability.

Do your fees vary based on the season?

We strongly believe in offering fair and consistent pricing for our clients, therefore we do not charge seasonal mark-ups or high weekend costs, and are 100% transparent on all fees.

Where are you located?

Our office is located in located in Greater Toronto, and we happily offer services worldwide.

How do you handle Covid-19 protocols?

During these difficult times, we understand there is added stress. We are here to make this as easy of a process as it has to be. Please share any Covid-19 concerns with your planner and we will assist accordingly.

I still have questions...

We are always happy to assist; please contact us, and we will reply as soon as we are able. 

We are ready to work together; what are the next steps?

Amazing! Please email with the particulars of your wedding, and our Organization Guru will send you a link to your Agreement. Once you sign the agreement and the initial payment is received, you'll gain access to the Client Portal.

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