Client Portal


What is it?

The Planning Portal is a customized website for each couple with (hopefully) everything you will need for your wedding planning. There is a LOT in there, and we are always adding more and making updates. You may see those pop-up from time to time but I will email you with any major changes.

How Do we access our portal?

Your Planning Portal is password protected,  and the password for the client portal and any password protected pages, is sent to you by email once we receive your signed Agreement.

The passwords are there because we don't want the portal or the resources within it to be crawled by Google or other search engines. And also, most of these resources are only given to clients who have hired us.

That said, if you need help from family or friends with your planning, you can feel free to share the password with them. However, please do not share your portal with your other vendors, as the resources in the portal are proprietary.

where do we start, once we have access?

Every wedding is different, but we always recommend starting with the Client Profile and Design Details, followed by the Planning Checklist, which will get you up to speed with what you need to be working on and the most important priorities.

When can we work on our wedding day timeline?

A thorough timeline not only helps everyone (staff, vendors, and the wedding party) to be on the same page for the wedding, but is also essential in case of an emergency where your lead coordinator is unable to be at the wedding.

We like to ensure our timelines are detailed enough that any professional coordinator, even if they were not familiar with you or your wedding, could come in and successfully execute your wedding with very little notice. That is also why you should focus on filling out all of your portal documents thoroughly - those documents tell the entire story of your wedding planning all in one place!

Why is 8 weeks relevant?

This appointment would be better named the “anytime between 6-8 weeks out from your wedding” but that was too long. It is a very detail-oriented meeting (or series of calls if that works better for scheduling) where we go over literally every detail for your wedding.

We will go through your Detail Tracker section by section, create your draft timeline, update the line items in your proposal to reflect the exact needs of your wedding (like adjusting your staffing, coordination hours etc. to what is needed), talk through your inspiration folder and finalize your design and floral order, and discuss and assign any items left to be completed.

will you update the planning portal?

Some sections are more often updated than others; we ask that you stay tuned for additions and subtractions.

what if we have questions?

Feel free to email or call us at any time during your planning process as questions arise; we are always happy to help.

That said, during the majority of your planning, you do not need to reach out to us at all if you don’t need help! The only mandatory meeting before your wedding is our Details Meeting, which is held 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding.

However, we find that our couples who have the best wedding planning experience do check-in periodically with updates or questions and to have us look over contracts for any high-cost items (like catering, photography, rentals etc.). We would much rather have you email or call before you pay a big deposit to a vendor so we can review it than have to try to change your contract after the fact if something wasn’t quite right. Also, if you are booking someone who we didn't personally recommend, we will be thrilled for you, but on the off chance the vendor you’re hiring is off list for a reason, we definitely want to share that!

We also love to be CC’d on emails with your vendors. Please CC (or BCC if you’d prefer) on any emails that you think it would be helpful for us to read or have. Unless asked, we won’t respond to those, but we will read them all and if we notice any glaring issues or things that you should address, we will certainly let you know!

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